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Training and Capacity Building

Trainings and Capacity Building initiatives are carried out through trainings, workshops, orientations:

  • National, regional and state level trainings to enable activists, media, health care providers and others to demystify issues surrounding health by exploring the linkages between health and its crucial determinants, and to facilitate sharing of information and experiences on related issues across groups, movements and networks.
  • Community level with organizations, networks, groups to plan and sustain concrete and effective local interventions that promote the right to health, and to build capacities to disseminate these skills to others in the community.
  • Capacity building initiatives for health care providers (community level as well as facility level) – ASHAs, Sahiyas, Mitanins, doctors, nurses, etc. to sensitize, inform and engage with young people towards building a gender and rights approach to health
  • Capacity building of policy makers, academia, researchers, media to inform policy, programme, legislation based on evidence and ground realities; to mobilize wider participation and public opinion on issues.