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National Bioethics Conference (NBC)

Sama believes that bioethics could form an important basis for monitoring and creating pressure for reforms especially in the fields of clinical trials – research; evolving ethical guidelines for critical areas of medical practice, such as Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Sex Selection, access to care – cost of health care, equity in access to drugs, etc.

The NBC was an initiative of the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics (IJME) in order to establish broad, independent, participatory and a national bioethics platform. Sama was member of the organizing committee of the first National Bioethics Conference (NBC), “Ethical challenges in health care: Global context, Indian reality”, which took place in November, 2005, in Mumbai and was actively involved as a member of the organizing committee for the second conference on Moral and Ethical Imperatives of Health Care Technologies: Scientific, Legal,and Socio-economic Dimensions of Use, Misuse and Research In Bangalore in December 2007. As a member of the organizing committee we have been involved in planning the content, structure and raising funds for the Conference. Sama organised a workshop on “Perspectives in feminist bioethics on new reproductive and genetic technologies” .

The theme for the second NBC was 'New' Reproductive and Genetic Technologies, Ethics and Women. The workshop looked at the ethical dilemmas and concerns posed by the Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Genetic Technologies. The workshop had brief presentations on issues of ethical dilemmas around Assisted Reproductive Technologies, research on Stem cell and Cloning or somatic cell nuclear transfer and ova trafficking.

Sama co-organised the 3rd NBC. The theme of the third conference was Governance of Healthcare- Ethics, Equity and Justice. Ms. Sarojini N, founder of Sama, was the keynote speaker in the event.
Sama participated in the 4th NBC. The theme of the conference was Ethical and regulatory challenges in health research.

In December 2014, Sama participated in the 5th National Bioethics Conference held in Bangalore. The theme of the conference was corruption in health care and research practices. In accordance with the theme of the event, Sama presented 5 papers in the parallel sessions of the event and 2 plenaries. During this event Sama spoke on the theme of “Ethical Perspective on Gender in Health”. On Thursday, 11th December 2014, 2 papers were presented on the theme “Ethics and Reproductive Health”. The first paper was presented by Ms. Sarojini NB titled “Dying to give birth: The case of Yuma Sherpa and the Unethical Medical Terrain of Assisted Reproductive Technologies”. On the issues of corruption in health care and research Ms. Sarojini NB and Mr. Vaibhao presented a paper on “Corruption in the Practices of Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO)”: Findings from 59th Parliamentary Standing Committee Report on Functioning of CODSCO (May 2012).

Sama's engagements with NBC