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Cheap & Best: An Analysis of website, brochures and advertisements on Assisted Reproductive Technology in India

The second study sought to explore the marketing strategies followed by the various players in promoting the ART industry both within the country and outside; examines promotional tactics by which egg donation and surrogacy are commercialized.

The study examined websites and brochures of ART clinics, tourism departments, medical tour operators and travel agencies; and advertisements in magazines relating to egg donation and surrogacy. A total of 109 websites across 19 states and 67 brochures from 11 states were analyzed towards understanding the ways in which the ART / fertility clinics promote their services.

The boon in the fertility industry has given rise to many market players providing fertility services. There are attractive website content, promotional packages (discounts, incentives), and advertisements of fertility services to attract clientele particularly from overseas. Sama undertook a study and analysed the content of websites (, brochures and advertisements on Assisted Reproductive Technologies and compiled its findings in this report.