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Birthing a Market: ‘Commercial Surrogacy in India

The research was conducted in Delhi and Punjab on Commercial Surrogacy that captures the variations in the Surrogacy industry across the regions; analyses the perspectives of various actors, surrogates, agents, doctors and commissioning parents, involved in the industry. The study does a careful analysis of the medical practice and the interests that influence it.

The study brings to fore a critique of the practice by raising questions regarding the context in which women are increasingly choosing to enter the industry as well as the various accompanying ideological tropes in practice are highlighted to better understand their choices and unearth the ways in which the arrangements embody both relations of domination as well as possible subversion.

The advent of new reproductive technologies saw the explosion of fertility services that promise cure to the so called infertility and India has become a hub of this neo-libralised surrogacy market. Due to the absence of regulations and policies in place, it is difficult to arrive at an exact figure but from the media reports it's evident that surrogacy is a flourishing business in India. Considering these issues, Sama undertook a study on Surrogates, in order to make visible and understand perspectives, subjective experiences and lives of the surrogates. The findings of this study has been compiled into this report.