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Health Insurance: Current Trends and Challenges

Greetings from Sama!
We are writing to invite you to participate in a seminar on Health Insurance: Current Trends and Challenges on 28th June 2013 being organised by Sama in Delhi. 
The seminar seeks to discuss some recent trends in health policy that are extremely concerning. The health system’s shortfalls - low levels of public health expenditure, poor infrastructure, lack of skilled human resources, inadequate supply of medicines, poor quality of care, corruption, etc. are not unknown.

The National Consultation on Regulation of Drug Trials

We would like to announce the release of the report on ‘The National Consultation on Regulation of Drug Trials.’ The Consultation held on 26-27thSeptember, 2011, was an effort towards initiating a dialogue around the existing gaps in policy and its implementation vis-à-vis the regulation of drug trials, towards developing an appropriate framework for future intervention strategies in this regard.

Advancing Feminist Debates on Reproductive Technologies....A SEMINAR

The development, use, and consolidation of a wide range of reproductive technologies in today’s world pose challenges—old and new—to feminist politics. Not only is access to technologies mediated by axes of gender, sexuality, class, caste, religion, dis/ability, etc., the design and deployment of technologies occurs within regimes of power that determine their nature and use.  Both conceptive and contraceptive technologies are proliferating; along with their popularity, the implications of their use are also rising.

The Regulation of Surrogacy in India: Questions and Complexities

While instances of commercial surrogacy have risen by leaps and bounds (a recent article in a leading national daily estimates that the cost of the surrogacy market is over 2000 crore), its regulation or rather non-regulation has been a matter of concern. Within this flourishing market, even as clinics and other players continue to make huge profits, there are several ethical concerns that arise out of the increasing commercialization of women’s bodies and bodily labour; this includes concerns about the health and rights of the surrogate and the child/children born out of surrogacy.

Trial and Error: Ethical Violations of HPV Vaccination Trials in India

On July 9, 2009, the Andhra Pradesh Minister for Health and Family Welfare in association with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and PATH (Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health) International a non-profit organization based in USA launched what it described as a ‘demonstration project’ for vaccination against cervical cancer.